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For more than two decades, the team at Manzer Contracting has been completing full renovations and home remodeling projects that wow our clients. Our team brings years of experience and expertise to the job site to ensure that work is done correctly and on time. We are project managers and general contractors by trade, and with our team in charge, you will quickly see why so many in the North Atlanta Metro area trust our services for their biggest remodeling projects. With top-flight materials, professional finishing, and some of the best pricing in the state, Manzer's is here for all your home remodeling needs.

Open concept and entertainment spaces

Open concept and entertainment spaces

Whether you are looking to open up your home to enjoy an open concept or looking for a new space to entertain, the Manzer team can help. Our team can work with you to design the ideal open concept for your layout to bring in natural light and make your new space the focal point for entertaining and everyday chats. Our team will be able to handle everything from design and engineering to finishing. So, if you are tired of dealing with walls, doors and a closed-off home that reminds you of an eighty’s sitcom, now is the time to chat with Manzer Contracting and see how our experts can help.

Full renovations

If you want to renovate your home fully, the team at Manzer's is here for you. We have been working with flippers, real estate companies and new owners for years on full renovations. Not only do we know how to do this complicated service, but our team also knows how to make your dollar go further. With our in-house design and engineering to our expert tradespeople, Manzer Contracting can take your old house and make it a home for you to start your new life.

Full renovations
Whole Home Remodeling

Bump outs

Bump outs are a terrific way to add extra square footage to your home for a bedroom, bathroom, or office. A bump-out is slightly different from an addition as it is not multiple rooms but a minor addition to the home. At Manzer's, we can easily design, engineer and build-out bump outs to your specifications.

Basement Remodeling

In-law Suites

With the rising costs of home ownership, many Georgia homeowners are looking at in-law suits to help with costs. Manzer knows all about constructing these suites to the letter of the law. There are specific rules and regulations to make them legal, and our team is the go-to option for in-law suites in and around the North Atlanta Metro area.

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Living room

Our specialty at Manzer is making your living room a space the family loves to gather in. With our design team, we can rejig and rethink your space so that it truly is the dream living room that you always wanted. Plus, with our one-stop-shop approach, you will have it all done in time for the big game if needed.

Living room

Master Bathrooms

A master bathroom, otherwise now called a primary bathroom, should be a place to feel relaxed and at home. With our experts, we can revamp your master with ease and ensure that you can maximize space with the latest in design and engineering. From smart home tech to an updated closet, our team will deliver a master that even the Royals would love.

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Whether you are looking for a full renovation or whole home remodeling, the team at Manzer Contracting can help. Call us today and see how our expert general contractors can guide you through the process and make your vision for your home a reality.