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A coat of paint can do wonders, and it all comes down to the details when it comes to exterior painting. Anyone can put on some paint and stop for the day, but the devil is in the details for the experts at Manzer Contracting. We take the time and effort to ensure that your exterior painting job is done with expert precision. This means there will not be any drips, brush strokes or issues around trim or even the tight spots. Instead, Manzer offers a flawless exterior paint service highlighting our painter's experience and expertise.

Deck Painting and Staining

Deck Painting and Staining

Since our founding, the Manzer Contracting team has been providing superior deck painting and staining for our clients. Our expert painters have been in the industry for years and have the right paint for the job. Whether you are looking to freshen up an aging deck or change the look of your outdoor space, Manzer can help!

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Wood replacement due to rot

If our painters notice wood rot or other issues during our pre-paint inspection, we can bring that up with the homeowner and provide a way forward. We can either treat the wood and if that is not going to work, we can also replace the wood as part of the service. Our painters will ensure that the paint matches the old and the new, providing a seamless replacement that will look for years to come.

Electrical for entertainment like TVs
Exterior Painting

Professional Painting

As a one-stop shop company, we employ professional painters on our staff. This means you are getting a true professional who is not a handyman or paints. Instead, our painting professionals bring years of experience and the latest tools to ensure they can provide a genuinely exceptional exterior painting service.

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