Project Management

Manzer’s has you covered from initial design to finishing.


This is an area that we are specifically focusing on this year. Home improvement is an insanely communication intensive business. Depending on the scope of the project, you have the homeowner, builder, vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors, laborers, schedulers, office managers and it goes on and on. That’s a lot of people to keep updated on timelines, schedules, deliveries, change orders, progress reports, etc. Let’s just lump this all under Project Management and it’s an area where we have made a big investment to improve, and make for a better experience for our customers. To that end, we are implementing our new project management software. This software is available for desktop computers and as an APP for Apple and Android phones and tablets. This new software is truly amazing because it gives us a platform for all information relating to projects to be recorded, organized, updated and tracked in one location. And best of all, THERE IS A HOMEOWNER PORTAL!!! Our customers now have access to their project, in real time, from the click of a mouse or from their mobile device. Below is a list of some of the things you can do with this portal. We are still adding features so this list will get even longer.

Summary Page
  • Summary Page – an overview of your project
  • To- Do’s – a place to record any items needing attention, may also be recorded in Daily Logs
  • Calendar – shows you our schedule for the upcoming week. This is something that is regularly updated as work is completed.
  • Daily Logs – used to document things on the job site or to remind us about conversations we have with staff or homeowners. Also used for observations about progress on the job.
  • Documents – a repository for plans, bids, etc.
  • Videos – upload and save any videos for review by homeowners and staff.
  • Photos – Progress photos that can be shared on social media if you like.
  • Messages – This is a big one!!!! Any communication between subs, homeowners and the like are job specific. Have a question or a comment for us, send it here!!!!
  • Change Orders – Another big one. During your project, you decide you need more lighting fixtures for example. Now we can write up those changes online, give you a price, and you can approve the change electronically. *Coming soon you will be able to make change order payments online.
Full renovations
  • Selections – On bigger projects this is huge. We can provide examples of selections or the homeowner can submit selections. For example, say your project calls for 3 ceiling fans with a budget of $500. We can place pictures, descriptions, a link to the manufactures web site, and pricing. See something you like, approve the fans you like and the program will automatically adjust your overall job cost. If you find something you like better you can submit the information thru the software. Went over your allotted budget a little, no problem. The software will generate a change order to cover it and allow you to approve it electronically. Easy Peazy!
Our team
  • Warranty – Maybe a door knob worked loose after we have completed the job. We are terribly sorry but you can easily submit a warranty claim for a year after the completion of your project. We will contact you and schedule corrective action.

We are very proud of this advancement in project management and believe you will find it keeps you informed, involved, and makes things easier for the whole team. If you ever have any questions regarding how to use the software, or even suggestions on how to improve the experience please let us know.

Summary Page